Nothing is more eye-opening than surrounding yourself with another culture that chooses to live their life completely different from yours. One of the ways you can actualise this is when you take a trip, traveling can be a fun experience but at varying points in time there are experiences that could make you regret taking the trip.

Experiences such as;

– Loss of your baggage or property

– Cancellation of a connecting flight

– Personal money loss

– Personal accident/liability on your trip

– Emergency Medical Crisis & Expenses

As seasoned Travel consultants, we know that this can happen at any given point in time and this is why we have partnered with two of Nigeria’s leading insurers.

Our objective is convenience for you and this is why with our online platform, you can choose your travel insurance for trip coverage, medical evacuation, student enrolment, and more.

Simply click on the logo of the preferred insurer you want and you will be on your way to purchasing your travel insurance;


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