Frequently Asked Questions

They are all regular visas, but relevant to their respective countries. The Schengen visa is permissible in all Schengen States irrespective of the Embassy that issued it.

A Schengen visa could be obtained through the VFS office; but we would be happy to take the stress off you, kindly let us have your details.

Visa requirements vary from one country to the other; kindly let us know which country you would like to apply to and then we would glad to help out, we can help with the following countries;

- United Kingdom
- United States of America
- South Africa
- Schengen States
- Hong Kong
- China

All Airlines go to all Shengen States

Please click on the Travel Insurance icon and pick up your valid Travel Insurance. You may contact us if you need assistance

We would require more information to be able to effectively help you with this, please click on the Visa Renewals icons and fill out the form

The requirements are quite simple. How many months' visas do you require? All that is required is a scanned biodata page of your passport.

What country in Asia would you like to visit? This would determine how we can better serve you, please use our contact us form to request for more information

The Yellow Card is a only a requirement of some African countries and this is easily within reach, obtainable from the appropriate authority.

A yellow card is needed whenever one travels to any of the countries that have it listed as one of the entry criteria for their country.

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