Easter holidays will be in April 2017, that leaves about a month plus to plan a leisure trip. There’s so much to be done in that time regarding planning a holiday but first, you have to consider your destination options; if you’ll be going alone, with family (especially kids) or group, or as a couple. Below are 5 holiday destinations to consider for this Easter, all budget-friendly.

Abraka Turf and Country club:

Located in the heart of the Niger Delta region, Abraka Turf and Country club is such a pleasant surprise for the adventurous and may be the region’s best kept secret. It’s a private club with state-of-the-art facilities. Accommodation ranges from single rooms to self-catering chalets. There’s even a golf course and tennis court. Other sporting activities include canoeing and kayaking.

Ogbunnike Caves

An enchanting story tells that the caves were accidentally founded a hunter, Ukwa, on his way to the farm. Beside the caves was a huge, scary monster whose sight terrified Ukwa speechless. But the monster assured Ukwa that he was a protector of the caves which would be a shelter for the people of Ogbunnike. He warned that dogs were forbidden inside the caves, and till this day, this taboo stands. Inside the caves, run cold and warm streams that meet at the River Nkisse. Ogbunnike Caves hold a cultural and spiritual significance for the townspeople, and is a tourist magnet for nature-loving seekers.

Terra Kulture

For an afternoon outing with a cultural experience, Terra Culture is just the place. It’s a one-stop culture world with an art gallery, theater, restaurant, library, and events center all in the same Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island location. You might just bump into a celebrity because there’s always one culture show or the other happening there.


Cercopan is a UK-registered environmental charity with offices in the UK and Nigeria. Founded in 1995 by Canadian Zena Tooze, CERCOPAN is a conservation shelter for protecting monkeys from extinction through the bushmeat trade.

Enemabia Warm Springs, Benue

Regarded as the only warm spring in Benue State, Enemabia Warm Spring is an exotic swimming location. You get to enjoy the health benefits associated with swimming in warm springs all day and all night.


And these are just a tiny bit of Nigeria’s enormous natural tourist attraction spots. Indeed the country is blessed with unspoiled nature. Whatever destination you choose, you can be sure, you would enjoy your holiday visit very much.

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