Olusegun Imoyo

For all our travels at Caverton helicopters, we have had the pleasure and privilege to conduct business with Sesbys travels as a travel planner of choice for over 3 years. Most travel agencies and online booking companies essentially end their service once a ticket or package has been sold and the traveler is on their way. However, the exceptional service and expertise that Sesbys provides before and especially during and after the travel sets it apart and I believe it is an essential ingredient to well organized, successful and enjoyable travel.

Having Sesbys travel as our agent in the fast paced travel industry is a world travellers secret weapon: The Sesbys team has the knowledge to make the best itinerary in advance, the skill to get things done efficiently and has your best interests at heart, all which contribute to an outstanding travel experience and avoids costly, time consuming, disappointing and frustrating epics . In view of the above, and the team high level of responsiveness, I highly recommend Sesbys travel and I am confident that the full range of service provided will exceed expectations

Organization: Caverton Helicopters

Matilda Mordi-Okufi

It was a great experience having Sesbys handle my travel itinerary. Their customer service is truly exceptional and I look forward to doing more work with them.

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